Books are delightful society. If you go into a room and find it full of books - even without taking them from the shelves they seem to speak to you, to bid you welcome.

William Ewart Gladstone

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Ca sĩ: Nelly
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Yea drink Ciroc
'cause I **** with puff
I pop that ace of spade
Because I rock with jay
I'm on that Cali good
But I'm not in L.a.
I'm somewhere halfway
Between there and the bay
I like them booji broads
I like around the ways
I take them outta they J's put them in Hermes
Might hang out in the club
Might chill out somewhere safer
Kinkos and Office Max
I love to hang with paper
My crib is plush plush
I'm talking elevator
So don't touch touch
Dolce the alligator
You fly right my fly is greater
Multiply the money and the *****es subtract the haters
She said
I don't want no broke *****s no no
I don't want no broke *****s no no
If you ain't got no money then you can't do nothing for me
If you ain't got no money then you can't do nothing for me
In Vegas L.A. and Miami oh yea I like shoppin'
If you can handle all of that then we can get it poppin'
I don't want no broke *****s no no
I want the type of ***** who know how to ball out
You don't no broke *****
I don't want no broke *****
Started it balling go quick
I guess we on the same ****
She want me to wife her
Maybe change her life up
Give the keys, shopping sprees
Yea only if I like her
See money ain't the algebra let's get it clear, clear
This is not a gift it's a souvenir, nir
See maybe I'm that ***** who knows how to ball, I am
He Spud Webb height, but the money tall
Audemar his and hers
Body's straight hips and curves
Friends hanging on your nerves
Trying to tell 'em I don't want your girls
I'm come from another world
Money do not grow on trees
That's why I had to hustle her and get my money out the streets
My money long money strong ***** I'm ? paid
I'm throwing shots back like it's k-k-kool aid
I got them co coo shades
Them **** is crazy dark
I got two shortys feeling on each others lady parts
Play your part
Know your role
That mustang cold painted Olympic gold
I cal her Elenore you know that Shelby rips
I'm gone in sixty ticks
Before my deal I cut 'bout sixty chicks
Acrobatics got my money turning sixty flips
Old schools I be on that sixties ****
My ***** gone forever intent with sixty bricks