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Bulstrode Whitlock

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Boy Without Batteries
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Ca sĩ: Man Overboard
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You want to see something creepy?
Remember this?
It spent six years in my drawer.
It doesn't smell like you anymore
But you can't throw it out so I ignore
But what's creepy
Is how I still think about how my life would be
If things worked out for you and me
But I'm a flake so don't take it too seriously.
One of these days you'll stop pretending
I was only someone you would find a friend in
You didn't miss me
You were misdirected
You didn't kiss me
And I felt rejected.
One of these days ou'll stop pretending
And you will be a little less condescending
And if you missed me then you missed your chance kid
The nerdy little freak no one wanted to dance with
But now it's fine
Your attention is not where I get my pride
You wanna know what the worst is?
Sometimes I think I've moved onto so much more
But sometimes I am not sure
And now and again I feel weak to the lure.
But what's crazy is how no one made me feel quite like you.
But that was so much to go through
At the end of the day
I don't know if I want them to
So pick up your bags it's time to go
I could be the one who destroys everything
And I'm like wishing we went back in time
Before you had your nine to five
I used to try and make you mine
But that bird never learned to fly
We're here now
Both my hands are tied and I don't care.