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Between You and Me
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Hilary Duff
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You can call it what you want
But I'm not playing games
We're both apart of the same story
Not on the same page
And I see you standing there
With that dirty little stare
Well, it freaks me out inside
So, maybe you should just beware
My love is not up for negotiation
"Hello" doesn't mean an open invitation
Don't take it personally 'cause
You and me will know
So, move on
Move on
Move on
Now, I'm not saying you're not nice
Let me give you some advice
There's a girl across the room
Who'd kill to be with you tonight
She's been looking over here
And she's made it pretty clear
So, don't lose your chance with her
By trying to get so damn near me
Oh, here he comes
He never gets the hints
Never gets the hints
That I've given him
Oh, there he goes
He's never gonna win
Never gonna win
He doesn't even know who he's trying to get with
Move on [Repeat: x3]