It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it.

Oscar Wilde

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Between Me & You
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Ja Rule
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Uh...uh, uh, uh
[Chorus: x2]
Every little thing we do
Should be between me and you
The freaky things that we do
Let's keep between me and you
Now when I first met her
All I thought was...thong, thong, thong
Like loser lang we can get our freakin on
Baby you know the game slipped away
Slide me your number
It's the last day of spring, see ya first day this summer
I'm a bad motha...shut yo mouth
Pull the drop out
Creep at a low speed
'Cause homey probably know me
I push the peddle
Thoughts of your stilettos
Way up in the air like I think he's here
'Cause see, every time that I'm alone with you
Homey be checkin' up on you
But if that ***** only knew
You've got a lot of freak in you, baby
When that startin' to rain
I pop the roof and the champagne
How jay said? "money ain't a thing"
It's been close to few
Something even impossible
But, it's been between me and you, babyyy
Girl it's on again
Every year..we hummer 'em in
Beaches, houses, hoes, foes, friends
And when the... day ends
That's when it all begins
You wit's my room key (holla at me)
Why you thinkin' thinkin' I'm goin' hit it up
Then look at the ***** ya thinkin' ya love (come on love)
We could go there, me and you
Free for, for a night
If ya love it
In the mornin', awake with new light
If I lookin' like I ain't gonna handle his
Let me handle my bizzz
It is what it is
***** livin' his life
And that's my *****
Ya know I gotta wife
Let's keep this thing tight, babyyy
Don't' let the word get out (shhh), baby
This is... strictly between me and you, baby
If they... new we were doing what we were doing
It'd probably ruin our creep away summer in cancun-an and I
Love the way we get away
Throw away a whole day
Turn off the pagers and phones, we in the zone like
**** life, we live life, this is our life, live your life
See, every time that I'm alone with you
Shorty be checkin' up on you
But if baby girl only knew
You've got a lot of freak in you, baby
Did I ever tell you, my man love what you do
That little thing with your tongue
You the best, who knew?
It's been close to times even impossible
But... it's been between me and you, baby