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Napoleon Hill

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Back to You
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Ca sĩ: Faith Hill
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I'm gonna find my way back to you
I lie in bed and watch the shadows
Dancing across the wall
Nothing to do but think of you
And count the tears that fall
Oh, how I wish it was real
I wish I could feel you holding me close
The only thing I know for sure
Is I should've never let you go
I would walk the world across the sea
Journey beyond the moon
I try anything, go anywhere
To find my way back to you
I still don't understand the reason
I think I was just afraid (what can I say)
All I can do is face the truth
And deal with the mess that I made
Now all I want is the chance to take it back
And go on like this
Because ever since we said goodbye
I've been lost in loneliness
Now baby I was wrong
Now that you're gone
The only thing left to do
Is spend every day
Stray every way
To find my way back to you
I know that I was a fool
To push you away
And if you let me back in your life
Baby, I swear all my heart
And in your arms I will stay
Baby, I'm gonna find my way back to you