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Keith DeGreen

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Back at Your Door
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Ca sĩ: Maroon 5
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From the moment the lights went off
Everything had changed
Lie awake in an empty room
In my head it all feels the same
Like the taste of the day you left
It still lingers on my breath
And the dampness of tears that left
The stain where you had wept
All alone with the negligee
That still hangs off of my bed
I keep meaning to give it away
But I just leave it there instead
No need to cry about it
I cannot live without it
Every time I wind up back at your door
Why do you do this to me?
You penetrate right through me
Every time I wind up back at your door
Three more days till I see your face
I'm afraid it's far too much
Cook a meal and fix up the place
Dial your number, hang it up
If I took you for granted
I apologize for acting tough
You're my reason for living
And there's no way I'm giving up, oh
Now, every evening is a bitter fight
And I'm eating home alone on a Friday night
And I know what your friends say
"He's just wasting your love and time."
I will never let you change your mind
[Chorus x 2]
Every time I wind up back at your door
Every time I wind up back at your door

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