We don’t believe in rheumatism and true love until after the first attack.

Marie E. Eschenbach

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You never listen to me
I know I'm better off alone
Everybody knows it's true
Yeah we all see through you
No it won't be hard to do
To throw away my stuff from you
So I'll wait for her, to come
She won't break my heart
Because you know, she'll be
From Australia
She is so, beautiful
She's my dream girl
She's my dream girl
You were the one I thought I needed
I'm better off alone
Everybody knows it's true
They know all your secrets
Everything you knew was true
I just walked out of your life
How does it feel
She will be there
To love and care
There is no need to agree
The girl of my dreams
Who I know will be
There to hold me when I'm down
She'll stick around
Oh Yeah