Love is the only satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.

Erich Fromm

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Another(feat. Lil' Kim)
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[Biggie] Yeah... **** you
[Lil Kim] **** you too!
[B.I.G.] **** you *****
[Lil Kim] **** you ************
[B.I.G.] You ain't **** anyway, **** you
[Lil Kim] You ain't ****, you fat ************
[B.I.G.] Yeah, whatever whatever
[Lil Kim] Whatevah
[B.I.G.] You wasn't sayin' that when you was suckin' my ****
[Lil Kim] You wasn't sayin' that when you was eatin' my bush!
You a nasty ************!
[B.I.G.] Check it, uhh
[Lil Kim] Crab ***
[Chorus 1 B.I.G.]
What do ya do when yo' ***** is untrue?
You cut that hooker off and find someone new
I need another ***** (another *****), in my life
[Verse 1 B.I.G.]
Uh-huh, uhh, uhh
I know he don't treat you like I treat you
Time to explain the game you see through
Sex is lethal, I ain't gon lie
Means to get ya back, I ain't gon try
Like this ya'll, my girl sucked anotha ***** **** why'all
Light skinned with the chrome die six why'all
Thought they was creepin, two trips to V-A every third weekend
While you was sleepin, he hit you on the box
Sixty-nine go non-stop
Shoulda left ya then, but my heart said not
You knew too much, the relationship grew too much
You knew about the crack vials, means to be trialed
Way I hid dough under the bathroom tile
Waited for a while, thought you was my right thing
Then things got frightening
Peep the scene, sorta like Sam Rothstein
Guess you Ginger, huh, go figure
Never thought you could be a gold digger
Take my dough and spend with the next *****
Asked my man Trigga, my ace boom coon
Told me cut the ***** off 'fore the **** balloon
Now I'm like Brandy, Sittin In My Room
Pissy drunk listenin to Stylistic tunes
Or the O-Jays, thinkin bout the old days
My *****'s like, **** that *****, go play
Baller, did she beep you? Don't call her
Guess who I seen, that freak ***** Paula
She was askin bout ya whereabouts
Here's the digits, I know you can wear that out
Tear that out the frame, ya game so tight
You'll be all ****in night
[Chorus 2 Lil Kim]
What do ya do when your man is untrue?
Do you cut the sucker off and find someone new?
I need another man, in my life
[Verse 2 Lil Kim]
Mmm, uhhh, uhhh!
Member when you said you would die for me, ****
All of that was just lies to me
************ shoulda never said bye to me
Now you cry for me, like Jodeci
It's like that why'all, my ***** hit another ***** from the back why'all
Black nasty and matter fact ya'll
Shoulda seen the hoe, ***** pack ya ****
You out the door, ohh
What about the fight in the Mirage?
I seen ya Benz, parked outside my sister's garage
Said it was ya friend Rog, bullshit
I ain't gonna keep puttin up wit the bullshit
And still I, never sweat these *****es
Who be hanged like plaques on the wall and ya pictures
Scalin fishes, my love is concrete
Stashin ya heat in the passenger seat
of the Nautica Jeep, we've been down for so long
Still a ***** like me tryin to hold on
Teary eyed, damn a ***** steamin
Girls steady screamin, 'Kim you need to leave him!'
When I testified in court, couldn't think straight
thinkin bout the *****es I fought
over you, ***** half the **** you bought
And **** you, movin is my last resort
You see nine outta ten *****z, ain't ****
One outta five *****z suck a ****
Ya mad at me, too bad she ain't as bad as me
Choulda kept the freak ***** off my canape
Now you see, ain't no ***** warm as mine
Long as mine, ain't no love as strong as this
When I sucked ya ****, it's like smokin a roach
Uhh, I go from first class to coach
[Chorus 1], [Chorus 2], [Chorus 1], [Chorus 2]