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James Rogers

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Angels Sing
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Ca sĩ: Fat Joe
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Nigga can't tell me shit about this
Legendary for some time
We keep getting it
Tell 'em niggas e keep getting it
We ain't never gonna stop
(I know)
Fuck all you critics that doubt me,
Always talking about me, I got the fuck out them yap
Took my talents, a side bitch, cause it makes me less realer
I'm surrounded by killers, I just tell you have to go yapping
And blow some mice in the villa
My brothers persy and rikers, facing that life bro
I swear them people drain the life out you like
My baby girl is my heart, see the work through her eyes
So I gotta go get it, and serve the turbulent skies
Know the boys is homie, I just duck and weave em
Knowing damn well they coming, to a nigga not breathing
Let's play this game called the facts,
Strictly the facts
If you saying the truth, then that is a fact
I smack the shit out your favorite rapper, that is a fact
You wanna blow I could make it happen, that is a fact
All my niggas is get money, longeron mats
You heard that yellow tape asap, you knew it was crack
Did it a long fact, and I made it a known fact
Niggas is gone, sit in the thrones, with the own stack
Ah, so many kings, you're more like lord disick
Got 4 chains on, does that make me different
And them angels sing
You hear them bitches singing, oh, oh
Anita, Diga, plays in the back now
I'm in the kitchen, crack heads in the background
I love strippers, so I'ma change the weather
Chinchilla dark, still cold, f*ck the leather
Pimp pack with the feather
Now I'm goldie, so insta rollie,
Gold magnums only
Pole bearer, need deep in the pussy
Hang over, must be the loofy
Kilo of gold from king tux tomb
Been a don since I came out the wound
Circle the block look at the roof before I get top
You know what time about, let's get it
Flied out to London, not talking bout tires
Yes pretty girl, you just been hired
No longer public housing, ceiling to the sky, now that's 3000
And the angels sing
You hear them bitches singing,
Get em girls
And them angels sing
You hear them bitches sing