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And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
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He would spend it on the ponies
He would spend it on the girls
Buy his mother gin and roses
For her poor old hennaed curls
And when his wife said, "Hey now
What did you get for me?"
He socked her in the chopper
Such a sweet, sweet guy was he
And her tears flowed like wine
Yes, her tears flowed like wine
She's a real sad tomato
She's a busted valentine
Knows her mama done told her
That her man is darned unkind
How he loved the old race horses
He would bet them every day
One day he caught a winner
And the cabbage wasn't hay
He indulged in fancy spending
Ordered rings, cars, and furs
But alas, alack
Like a stab in the back
She found out they were not hers
He got mixed up with a Maisie
He got mixed up with a Flo
So Flo shoved him in the river
He'll not get mixed up no more
His wife then draped herself in black
That showed her figure fine
Then she cussed him out, the two-faced guy
No insurance could she find

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