The wise man reads both books and life itself.

Lin Yutang

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American Girls
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She comes out on Fridays every time
Stands out in a line
I could've been anyone she'd seen
She waits another week to fall apart
She couldn't make another day
I wish it was anyone but me
I could have been anyone you see
She had something breakable just under her skin
American girls all weather and noise
Playing the changes for all of the boys
Holding a candle up to my hand
Making me feel so incredible
She comes out of closets every night
Then she locks herself away
Where she could keep everything from me
I could have been anyone you'd seen
she's nothing but porcelain underneath her skin
Little shiver shaking me every day
But I could get the same thing anywhere
So if she goes away
Well, it's all right and I'm OK
"Hey" she said, "Come back again tonight"
And I said "I might, I might, I might"
She said "well that's all right"
If it's alright with you
It's alright with me
I waited for an hour last Friday night
She never came around
She took almost everything from me
I'm going through my closet,
trying on her clothes almost every day
I could've been anyone you see
I wish it was anyone but me
There's nothing but pills and ashes under my skin
If I made you cry, please tell me why
Cause I'll try again if you let me try
American girls all feathers & cream
Coming into bed so edible
[Repeat: x2]
American girls oh
American girls
American girls
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You make me cry,
you make me cry,
you make me cry
Yeah, ya made me cry
You make me cry
Hey, miss American girl
Oh, oh, oh, yeah