Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.


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All I Have
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Don't take away my heaven, don't take away my heart
Close your eye's to seven, but, do not tear apart
It's an endless fire, it's an endless dream
I feel love and desire, oh, it's really love it seems
All I have, all I need and all I want is you tonight
All I see and all I feel is just holding you so tight
All I miss, all I dream and all I want is your sweet love
All I miss is you, where ever I go and whatever I do
My love is getting stronger, my love is here to stay
I can't wait no longer, baby, make my day
Oh, tonight I am lonely, so lonely without you
Know that your the only and that my heart is true
Oh, it's now or never, is it no empty way?
I will stay forever, baby, what can I say?
I miss you like crazy, where did you sleep last night?
Nobody know's you baby, shouldn't you stay by my side?