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Vince Lambardi

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All I Ever Wanted
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Mase
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featuring Cheri Dennis
Uh uh
Get Money all over again
Get Money all over again
Get Money all over again
Get Money all over again
'99 Double Up uh uh
Yo when you look in my eyes what chu see?
A sincere man or just a bunch of G
Why second guess the brotha would last
They took a whole clique from the George and the Ave'
The booties in Arbua boats and hoover crafts
So if Biggie could love the dough, Murda could love the cash
Butter Benz, gave the Tahoe to my other half
If she got the Benz then guess what mami have
Why dread it, tell the waiter too much ice in the crib
Blick's so drunk, he think we singing "Nights Like This"
He say when he grow up he want a life like this
Sleep all day and plus you want ice like this?
While girls throwin' head I ain't even touch dice
I ain't trust Don King, how i'ma trust Mike?
I date bull daggers, and I don't trust Dykes
Need a clearner nina, 'cause they don't bust right
I ain't stingy, when everybody see the plush life
Buy rims before the benz, so I look just right
Girls love me, try to get the girls that love Mike
All I need is a cup of cool-Aid, I got enough ice
1- [Cheri Dennis]
All I ever wanted was you for me
'cause that ***** who I'm with don't give a **** about me
And all I ever wanted was to be there for you
'cause that girl who you with don't give a **** about you
You unhappy, and I see it when you cry
You look like your life has just been minimized
I ain't your man, I'm your man on the side
You just call me when you plan to slide
And if you ever feel like you want to creep
All you gotta do is just give me a beep
Only way I won't call you back less I'm asleep
Gettin' my money or layin' it wit' a piece
We hit the block, shop a lot
She see her man, but she don't want to drop the top
And you know that don't really mean a thing to me
Can't no girl ever run game with me
You know Mase, got a lot of places to be
Spots in Ohio, kick in NC
And I be wit older dudes and know the rules
So if a man pick up the phone I know the code to use
Repeat 1
If you cheat on me, I'ma cheat on you
If you don't speak of me, I won't speack of you
I'll tell you now, we wait about a week or two
Then I know what we could do
We could just get our food and stay in
'cause people on the block is hatin'
They know your man, and know we datin'
So we gotta do this just stay friends
(OK) Amen
I lay back, I zone
You say that it's on
Then the girl try to snatch the phone
So I knew I was happier home
Repeat 1 until fade