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Dr. James Mantague

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All Alone Tonight
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Kenny Loggins
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Day is done and night is calling
From the window light is falling
Shadows spinning on the walls
And dancing in the light
And 'round the door the kids are playing
Like June bugs into the light
And it seems like I'm looking at a mighty good time
All alone tonight
Hands a-clapping, voices singing
Tambourines and guitars ringing
Echoes through the willows
Bringing music to the night
And in the wind the whippoorwill's crying
Cold and all alone
And I am standing outside of a mighty good time
All alone tonight
Well, I can't recall when Louisiana music ever sounded so sweet
Just listen to the fiddle playing "Bonaparte's Retreat"
Well, I just can't take no more
I gotta make it through that door
And dance until the break of day
As long as there's still music playing
Bet your life I won't be staying
All alone tonight
(repeat chorus)