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Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me
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Ca sĩ: Collin Raye
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I remember when baseball was everything
It was little league, but what a big game
There were two men on and one man out
I got a fastball hanging outside
I swung that bat with all my might
And the ball was gone
They say I knocked the cover off
It was the only homer that I ever had
You should of seen my dad
And there ain't nobody gonna take that from me
As long as I'm holding on
Heaven wouldn't ask it of me
The devil on a good day ain't that strong
I'm keeping it here inside me
As long as I live and breathe
The ball was soaring and the crowd was roaring
And there ain't nobody gonna take that from me
I was nineteen, it was a good job
Moving TV's on a loading dock
Till the boss said, "son
Try to lose every seventh one
I got it worked out with a good friend
Keep your mouth shut, and we'll cut you in
Now what do you say
Don't you want to be rich one day"
I lost a real good job that night
But I kept my pride
And sometimes it feels like
My best years are behind me
Then somehow, out of nowhere
Something sneaks up to remind me
Like this morning, I woke up
To a little voice that spoke up
Saying, "daddy, please
Fix a bowl of rice krispies
You're the bestest friend that I ever had
You know I love you dad"