Forever is not a word…rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.


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Ca sĩ: Beenie Man
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Greetings, is like the first good mankind
On hurt hurt ever pray to is the sun, woh, deh, deh
Den di evil priest, come wid a god name atom
Atom mean one god and one god only
Rastaman discover that is three in one one in three
Blessed be on to thee only trinity for iver, for iver
And iver more, woh, deh, deh, lord, woh
We, we are Africans
We, free Africans
We, we are Africans
We, free Africans
[Verse 1]
Down the jungle, the quite jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
Farracan led the million man march
Di lion dance tonight
Africans in America
Dem cal them Afro-American
But the inhabitants them fi understand
Sey America a capture land
Europe land is fi European
And is there white man belong
Now the Indians who own di land
Naw lives on reservation, but!
Verse 2:
O.J. Simpson one ting mi deh warn yuh
Sey fi stick to yuh owner kind, woh
Yuh switch from yuh kind
And yuh nearly serve time
Could a mix up in a babylon
If yuh guilty you know the story
But yuh bless by selassi hands
Now yuh bust di case
Put a smile pon yuh face
And join repatriation
Rodney King, look how bad dem beat him
Pon public television
Full time we get it straight
Dem nuh like we race
Mek we pack up and leave dis place, cause
[Verse 3]
Marcus Garvey and Malcolm and Martin Luther
A true black man, woh
Anybol, and Selassie I Mandela dem a Ethiopion
Down di jungle di quite jungle
Di lion sleep tonight, woh
Farracon led the million man march
Di lion dance tonight