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C.C. Colton

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African Moon
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Ca sĩ: Boney M.
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African moon
Roll with the mighty waves
We'll be there soon
Feel the winds as we sail on home to African moon
African moon
My heart beats like the drum
Now it is noon
Loved ones we left behind I'll see again
African moon
African moon
I will see you once more
Yes again I'll adore the real sound of the drum
Oh yes I'm sailing feel your hot sun
African moon
African moon
Looking out to the sea
A reunion there'll be in the evening sun
Oh there's a new life that's awaiting me
African moon
African moon
This land is my rightful home
We'll never roam
You'll weep fou your sons no more and daughters
African moon
Hold up your head
One day you'll be understood
Stand and be proud
Your sorrows are gone for good
Hold up your head
And you'll be satisfied!