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Publius Terence

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Action! Not Words
Sáng tác:
Ca sĩ: Def Leppard
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I'm sick and tired of the damn TV
I'm gonna make my own movie
I want to star in a late night show
And all I need is my video
Shock me! Make it electric!
Shock me! Make it last
Curtain up let the camera roll
It's automatic it's in control
Got no script baby, ain't no lines
Just me and you and a real good time
Oh shock me! Make it electric
Shock me! Make it last
Shock me! Gimme thunder 'n' lightning
Shock me! Ooh babe I need it fast
Cause all I want is some
Action, action, action, not words
Gimme action, action, action not words
C'mon and shock me, let the cameras roll!
Oh! I'll be the hero, you be the star
With your wine and your caviar
No audition, a starring roll
I'll be your Bogart 'n' you be Monroe yeah
Shock me! Make it electric
Shock me! Oh bump and grind
Shock me! Make a night to remember
Shock me! Do it one more time
So cut me in on the action
Lights, camera, sound, I need action!