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A.t.f. (Open The Door)
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Got me on the run
Uh, uh
Boom, boom, boom, open the door, ATF
To late to send my girl downstairs to say he left
To the basement, go through the replacement door
Come up in my neighbor's yard, wit' a taste for war
You know I laced the four, wit' the hallows
Crack the safe, got the bottles
Whatchu want me to do?
Beep Carlos!
Two houses over by the tall black fence
I keep the hooptie parked for situations like this
There go a Priest, yo, get in, you drive
What the **** you doing *****?
Trying to stay alive
Cops on every corner, I lay back and try to cruise by
Who the **** could of snitched? Must'a been a new guy
(Siren)Damn, in back on our ***
Put your foot back on the gas, step on it fast
Tryin' to pull up on the side, but I'm packin' to blast
Tryin' to take the *****s heads off, **** crackin' the glass
(Gunshots)Hey, look out, (bark), damn
Came so close, you almost hit that *****
Like you said *****, almost
****, the cops hit her, and I know they ain't gon' leave her
Go up here, make this left, pull it over, take a breather
Drop it on the floor, boom
Got it through the door, peddle to the floor, an office line
Death is in the air, and I don't know if it's mine
But I know if it's time, it'll be what it is
And all I can think of is what about my kids
****, they on the corner, hit the sidewalk, quick!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 more clips
Hit the fire hydrant, get low for the shootout
Run through the fire, pull a gun from my boot out
Caught me in the shoulder, the neck, the ear
I'm goin' out fast and the last thing I hear is
Boom, boom, boom, open the door, ATF