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Alphonse Karr

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A Lesson Learned
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Ca sĩ: Limp Bizkit
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This pain in my stomach won't go away. I assume this is punishment from all
The mistakes I've made. In a world where my actions speak louder than words.
In a world where my actions speak louder than words I know more people than
Ever before. One lesson I've learned from it all. Fortune and fame are
Disguised as your friend 'cause I'm lonlier now than I've ever been.... and to
Everyone who takes the time read my lyrics I would to say that my life is
Seen through by my eyes only, but I open myself to you so that we can
Communicate on a level that only human beings like yourself can comprehend.
We are a breed apart from the rest of the cold world. We get it. We are real.
Your vision is all that matters. Let nothing get in your way. I hope that
None of you experience certain things that I have, but at the same time I
Want everyone to experience life because that's all we get....i
Understand....express yourself through me....and drift away. Limp Bizkit is
NOTHING without you...