You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.

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9 to 5
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Ca sĩ: Yo Gotti
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[verse 1]
First of all yo gotti represent every thug
Went to school graduated operated with drugs
Had knowledge went to college ****ing *****es with all
Up to no good in da hood but to play with my dawg
Been had six figures and that ain't no lie
I was fly class of 2000 at Trezvant High
I had gold like whoa! I just wanted to be
A ****ing lawyer but that was to long for me
Never knew I'll rob with the blackout squad
I admit when I was young **** I had a job
That was cool at first but I had to get paid
A 150 dollars a week must think I'ma slave
Maybe that's the reason why *****s been ****ing with birds
Got the urge and the nerves to kick a ***** to the curb
I'm bout tied of *****es asking me have I been in love
I'm a human being ***** til I do pump blood
Let the rumor do some **** that a ***** didn't like
When I was young and dumb didn't know wrong from right
My old man telling me young cat walk like
Out of mind out of sight now my head on right
Gotti-ah, gotti-ah, gotti-otti-otti-otti-otti-ah
[chorus 4x]
I tried me a 9 to 5 but it'n work
Put my trust in a ***** end up getting nerved
[verse 2]
I was 12 years old in the vista cove
I didn't want to get a job I want to sell me some more
I didn't want to go to church I wanted to get me some dough
Or a European Chevy with a matching vogue
They say I'm madeful ungrateful 'cause I ain't faithful
Good things come and go but I'll miss them later
Tip so *****s know gotti ain't they savior
I'm just trying to **** all these hoes while I'm able
Big bro in and out the door cutting paper
Lil bro keep them out seen them getting paper
Gotti ask them questions when I seen them at the table
What the **** is that? and what you doing with that razor?
I'm dead ****ing serious
And while he smoking on some dro
And laughing I'm getting more and more furious
Real off experience I seen it first hand
That's why I had to make a plan to get them Benjamins
[chorus 4x]
[verse 3]
***** block on lock better tuck that ****
Ain't no ************ round that can **** with this
Call ***** when they really won't infecting this
I&E rap hustlas getting checks for this
How many *****s you know that can go come from above?
Without a bill on the real yeen ain't ****ing with us
I be tripping off *****es when they holla at us
With the mind frame they gone get some dollars for us
This a health train come on ***** swallow the nut
And follow it up by getting the **** off the bus
Catching the cut what don't speak on trust
Don't know what it mean and me speak no English
And me don't work me a thug me no jerk
Back in the day me got my feelings hurt
But never again catch me ****ing a friend
From 8 to 10 she ain't working nor getting revenge