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Arthur Ashe

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8 Mile Battle Rabbit Vs. Lotto
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Ca sĩ: Eminem
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Huhhh huhhh
I'll spit a racial slur honkey sue me
This shit is a horror flick
But the black guy doesn't die in this movie
Fuckin wit Lotto dog you gotta be kiddin
That makes me believe, you really don't have an interest in livin
You think these niggas gon` feel the shit you say?
I got a better chance joinin the KKK
on some real shit though, I like you
That's why I didn't wanna have to be the one you commit suicide to
Fuck Lotto? Call me ya leader
I feel bad that I gotta murder that dude from Leave It To Beaver
I used to like that show
now you got me in fightback mode
but oh well if u gotta go then u gotta go
I hate to do this
I would love for this shit to last
So I'll take pictures of my rear end so you won't forget my ass
and alls well that ends ok
So I'll end this shit
Wit a fuck you, but, have a nice day
I think you were a little hard on the Beaver
So was Eddie Haskal
Wally and Ms. Cleaver
This guy keeps screamin, he's paranoid
Quick, someone get his ass another steroid!
Blabbedy bloo blah, bloo blabbedy bloo blah
I ain't hear a word you said, hibitity hoobla!
Is that a tanktop or a new bra?
look, Snoop Dogg, just got a fuckin boob job
Did you listen to the last round meathead?
Pay attention, ya sayin the same shit that he said (I'ma fuck you up)
Matter fact dog, here's a pencil
Go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful
And don't come back until somethin dope hits you
Fuck it
You can take the Mic home with you
Lookin like a cyclone hit you
Tanktop screamin, "Lotto I don't fit you"
You see how far them white jokes get you
Boys like, how Vanilla Ice gone diss you?
My motto:
Fuck Lotto
I get the 7 digits from ya mother for a dollar tomorrow