Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

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26's (feat. Lil Wayne)
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Ca sĩ: Chingy
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Why'all ride 18's we ride 26's
Big truck Big wheels rollin' ova ditches
Chrome rims loud pipes heated like a kitchen
Ice chain Ice watch gettin' at these *****es
I'm the wrong balla to flex with
Diamond stud earings and neckless
And my truck on 26's driving reckless
Got a pound yep and on my way to Texas
Yep I'm on there trowing up my set ****
Spinnas with the color trim ho's breathless
Paint shinning bright like morning breakfast
Once I slide up in the party pull the best *****
Yo chick still want me even though she pregnant
Run game on a trick like check this
She seen the Atm receipt and got wet with ****
She in a Lexus told her park her whip
270 I'm bout to exit
I can bet a grip she work her hands and lips
Like a porno star who cares if her man a trip
I can handle it its so scandalous
[Chorus x2]
[Lil Wayne]
I got them thing conpocky on a rubberband skinny
I pull up laughing at another man 20's (ha)
Yep the yunger man I run the dam city
I gotta pocket fulla hundreds fifty's rubberband 20's
Peep the shoes these is huge
I'm probably on the service road ***** speeding in cruise
I bleed and bruise of reaching fools
So don't reach
You ain't talking bout money then don't speak
Don't preach church don wan taught me that
The *****es had me gone but the money brought me back
I'm seeing chrome and I do them runs flat
President tent front back
Man I wish them old be p's come back but I roll on em
Hundred spoke big d's tripple gold homie
No homie my rims ain't twizzles
But don't get it twisted them is 26's
[Chorus x2]
Vroom vroom hear me start it up
Let the Louis Vuitton interior soak plus
With the red piping
Got two ho's diking
Dirty try to jack me yes I'll bust
Got cars and trucks
All type of stuff
And a h3t if that ain't enough
Bout to hit the park with a twelve pack getting drunk
Hataz breaking they neck cause they know what's up
I'm posted up with four toasters bra
Test me fagot if you think I'm a joke to ya
All my cats ride big in the lou you know
Should be against the law the way I floss sew me ho
Be-a-l-l-a me
Giovanni keep these walls going crazy
Big baby I'm the same g
Add another tre to that twenty three 'cause
[Chorus x2]