There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.


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1St Of Tha Month
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[Chorus: Layzie & Bizzy: x4]
Wake up, wake up, wake up it's the 1st of tha month
To get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up
Hey my ***** we havin' a wonderful day and I won't **** wit me. Why?
'cause it's the 1st of tha month and now we smokin', chokin', rollin' blunts
And sippin' on 40 ounces thuggin' come come we got the blessed rum
From jumpin' all nights we high
Hit up the block to where? East 99
I get wit my ***** to get me some llello
Double up ***** what you need?
We got weed to get P.O.Ded
Fiend for the green leaves
Give it up it's the foe sure you better lay low
Cause the po-po creep when they roll slow
If you can't get away better toss that llello
Keep your bankroll
Yeah we havin' a celebration, I love to stay high
And you better believe when it's time to grind
I'm down for mine crime after crime
Fin to creep to the pad 'cause mom's got grub on the grill
If we got the food, you know it's the 1st of tha month
And my ***** we chills foe real
[Chorus: x4]
Wake up and I see that my sister is already dressed
She said "I'm gonna run and go get my stamps
Watch and make sure no one snatches my check" ***** that's the mailman
Sort through the mail and put it up in-a me pocket
So I be hittin' the 99 to get me a dub
Foe forty bucks but ain't nobody ride that Rita
Hop on the 10 to the click
Ready to get 'em up with-a me thugs
And to cash that dumb
I gotta get paid there there holla holla
Saint Claire got much to offer
Whether it be weed on 93
Or off on the glock glock for some dollars, so
Get a bag of dope and a quarter roll, oh
Most all of my *****s got the same, and we gonna roll it all up to smoke
Hittin' that reefer hydro, you know the cut, so **** them po-po
Toss all that llello, and we're gonna say no
Runnin' through the alley and into the melee
Up on the second the sundown
Those run from January,November,December remember the 1st of the month
[Chorus: x4]
It's the 1st of the month
Gotta grind gotta get mine
In the hood that I claim
I slang on that double 9-9
Gotta find them dubs
Gonna get a forty, can a thug get love?
What's up?
Try to stand on my corner
***** you'se a gonna Saint Claire *****s don't like that
And sellin' them dummies makin' that money come back ***** get pap pap
From the 1st to the 15th *****s smoke plenty weed
But I gotta save gotta come up
Put my rocks on the cut
When I get high ***** blaze that blunt, huh
Time to roll to the pad
Count up my profits and add it to the stash
Gotta watch my back see for *****s that's tryin' to rob me, fool
But never no shorts no losses
Dumpin' keepin' this *****s up off me see
Gotta search the whole block
Spend a couple of bills
Thugs smoke a lot of weed on the 1st
[Chorus: x2]
[Layzie (Krayzie)]
Wakin' up feelin' buzzed off up early mornin' stretchin'
I'm yawnin' lightweight bent chugga lugga take a fifth to the dome
Instead I kick it with my trues
But it's the 1st so I'm getting my hustle on
Hop on the phone, calling up Krayzie Bone
Want to know did you O.G check come? (She put me down)
I'ma hop on the bus with Biz (Yo Brother let's get drunk)
And I'm coming with blunt after blunt
Of this skunk
***** T just put me down
Oh God how I love when the 1st come around
Now I'm feelin' black and mild, headed cross town
Cause *****s the 1st to get celebrated
Rushin' to the block 'cause I want to get faded
Lookin' all wild 'cause I'm getting me hair braided
We heavy off into this game
True to the 1st just call me that pro slang
Them nickels and dimes and 20's and 50's
The 1st be the day for the dope man
Slangin' that cocaine fool, and I'm working late tonight
And all them fiends be lovin' them thugs
Cause I got them rocks for them pipes
Come come with them ease
I gotta get paid on the 1st, gotta blaze up my spliff
Get live with the Bone Thugs, Poetic Hustlers in the graveyard shift
On the 1st
[Chorus: Repeats]