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Anthony Robbins

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Ca sĩ: Alan Jackson
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Rocky burned up the movie screen, and I was turnin' seventeen
Tie-dyed shirts and Levis jeans, lookin' cool at the Dairy Queen
Tryin' to impress a young woman in her Sunday dress
And that was 1976, didn't know who I was yet
A pretty little blonde haired girl stole my heart and changed my world
Two kids and a moonlit sky, a little love on a Friday night
Built a fire that just wont quit, that was 1976
My high school days I packed away, set my sights on a bigger stage
Jimmy Carter moved to DC, a Georgia boy just like me,
Life seemed easy, nothin' much that we needed
Eight track tapes were still in style and Elvis was still alive
Wonder Woman sure looked fine, Bionic Man was still Prime Time
And that girl I liked, we kept on tryin' 'till we got it right
Yeah, that was 1976, didn't know who we were yet
Built a fire that just wont quit and that was 1976
We built a fire that just wont quit, that was 1976.