A book is to me like a hat or coat - a very uncomfortable thing until the newness has been worn off.

Charles B. Fairbanks

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Ebook "Truyện Ngắn - Lan Rùa"
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Tác giả: Lan Rùa
Thể loại: Tuổi Học Trò
Số chương: 7
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Ten Things I Hate About Her
I hate her when she and her stupid bike made me lose the race,
I hate her when she forced me to say sorry instead of receiving money,
I hate her - a tiny tiny little Asian girl who refused immediately when the most wonderful man in the world (:p) asked her out,
I hate her when she said I was a loser cause I lived on my billionaire dad and didn't have a job,
I hate her when she was always in my mind which bothered me so much,
I hate her when she looked amazing in this wedding dress that made me cry,
I hate her when I had to left my country to live in Vietnam just because she said she wouldn't come back,
I hate her when she cared about our kid much more than me,
I hate her when she said she would love me till the rest of her life and she did - the whole three years since our married,
I hate her when I can't tell her that I hate her.
Truyện Ngắn - Lan Rùa Truyện Ngắn - Lan Rùa - Lan Rùa